The Sound of Reliability

Our vision is to make the world a safer and more efficient place. We reduce the number of environmental disasters, reduce loss of life, all while saving businesses money. We develop Deep Sensing™ systems that enable industry plants to safeguard their industrial assets and improve the use of their maintenance resources.


The Challenges We Solve

Control valves are critical assets, providing Industrial plants the ability to control process cycles. Malfunctioning valves can cause failure leading to unexpected downtime, fatalities, and environmental disasters costing businesses billions.

Maintenance of control valves is a complicated and expensive process. 

Despite a significant investment in maintenance, valve failures are still an acute problem across many industries.

Ensure safer
and greener industries

Control valve failures are a major cause of incidents that threaten human and environmental safety.

Prevent safety hazards and environmental events by adding the PhononIA valve health protection layer.

Reduce the
Total Cost of Ownership

Maintenance accounts for more than 70% of the control valves TCO. The interval between control valve checkups has a direct influence on mean time before failure (MTBF).

PhononIA’s solutions are designed to test the valves continually without the need for downtime, expensive equipment, and professional services.

Pinpoint the exact valve
that requires maintenance

Out of thousands of valves typically used in an industrial plant, each has the potential to fail.

PhononIA’s state-of-the-art AI-based solutions monitor the health of the valves and track the deterioration progress, giving plant operators the ability to know exactly which valve needs maintenance and when.

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Get in touch with the PhononIA team to learn how we can help improve the safety of the control valves and avoid unnecessary maintenance downtimes.

The Solution Features

Predictive diagnostics of valve health

Historical data of valve health

Predictive identification of not fully shut valves

Predictive identification of required maintenance- parts wear

General health status on a scale: danger, warning, or normal


  • Plants and production facilities  looking to decrease valve failure rate
  • Valve manufacturers


  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Production
  • Chemicals & Steel
  • Water treatment


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The Benefits

Utilize PhononIA’s cutting edge technology to be Industry 4.0-ready today. Our system can be mounted on the valve, fast and seamlessly. It is suitable for any valve type – manual or actuated; and agnostic to its design – butterfly, ball, gate, etc.

Ensure Safety

  • Avoid accidents that cause safety incidents 
  • Avoid pollution caused by environmental incidents

Reduce the TCO

  • Avoid unexpected downtime
  • Increase maintenance efficiency
  • Extend the valve lifespan

Increase Production Efficiency

  • Avoid batches loss due to not fully shut valves
  • Avoid medium loss due not fullly shut valves

PhononIA takes the
human component out of the loop, enabling a fully automatic valve failure prediction.

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